Ten Tips for RV Safety

1. Essential Propane Tank Know-How From refueling to inspecting the exhaust system, propane tank operation and maintenance is a big job. And although propane tanks are deemed safe for RV travel, there are some key tips to help ensure an enjoyable ride: No matter how big a home-town fan you are, never paint your tank a dark color, which more readily absorbs the sun’s rays and can cause the tank to overheat and explode. Don’t travel with the stove, oven or heater burners lit. Never refuel while any propane appliance, or the engine, is running. Make sure older propane tanks are checked to ensure they have an overfill protection device and check intake and exhaust vents for birds nests and other blockages. Avoid refrigerator fires (powered by propane). Have your propane tank regularly checked by a certified dealer to ensure lines are in good shape and that they are not leaking. Install a propane gas detector. 2. Conduct a Pre-Drive Safety Check ... read more

Ball Mounts

Ball Mounts

At Ernie’s Inc we carry all of the cool toys and gadgets. Our selection of towing accessories is off the charts. We have all of the major brands of locks, trays, ball mounts, and much more. Choosing the Correct Ball Mount For safe and comfortable towing, the trailer should always be as level as possible. A level trailer will put less strain on the connection between the trailer and hitch. It will also help the trailer stay in line behind the vehicle. Because trailer and vehicle heights often differ, a ball mount with a Rise or a Drop may be needed. To determine how much of a rise or drop you need, follow the simple steps below. Measuring for Your Ball Mount Measure the hitch height from the ground to the top of the receiver opening on the trailer hitch. With the vehicle parked on level ground, measure to the top of the 2″ hole on Class III and IV hitches and the 2-1/2″ hole on Class V hitches. Measure the coupler height from the ground to the bottom of the trai ... read more

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