Soaking Up the Sun: Solar Power for RVs and Trailers at Ernie's Inc. in Olympia, Washington

At Ernie's in Olympia, Washington, we understand the importance of harnessing the sun's power for your RV or trailer. When it comes to solar power for RVs and trailers, Ernie's is not only your go-to destination in Olympia for quality service, transparency, and customer satisfaction, for everything RV repair and trailer repairs. 

Solar Power for RVs and Trailers

Soaking up the sun in Olympia is not just for you but also for your recreational vehicle! Our team at Ernie's Inc. is well-versed in solar power solutions, including inverters and converters. When the clouds part, let your RV or trailer bask in the sunlight and allow our experts to guide you in utilizing Mother Nature's energy.

If you're driving through Olympia or part of our vibrant community and considering the transition to solar power, Ernie's is here for you. Solar panels, composed of individual solar cells, efficiently transform sunlight into direct current electricity, charging your RV's batteries. Trust Ernie's to make this transition seamless and efficient, ensuring your RV or trailer is powered by the best of nature.

Unparalleled Expertise in RV and Trailer Services

At Ernie's, we're not just another Recreational Vehicle and Trailer repair shop. We are a family-oriented business dedicated to providing exceptional service. With a servant's heart and a commitment to your safety and satisfaction, our team stands out in the industry. Whether you're passing through Olympia or part of our community, our experienced and dedicated team is ready to serve you.

"A small family business that has your best interest at heart." - Lee J.

Ernie’s Inc.:  Your Partner In RV Repair

Ernie's prides itself on being a triple threat in the industry:

  1. We approach our work with a servant's heart, prioritizing your best interests.
  2. Our team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in RV repair, trailer repair, and solar power solutions.
  3. We excel in finding, installing, and repairing the right accessories for your vehicle.

Schedule An Appointment With Ernie’s Inc.

Ernie's is your trusted partner for motorhome, RV, and trailer repair for a facility that's a cut above the rest in Olympia. Schedule an appointment at 2600 21st Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98512, and experience the Ernie's Inc. difference. Contact us now to explore the world of solar power for RVs and trailers with the unmatched service and dedication that define Ernie's in Olympia. Embark on your next adventure confidently, knowing Ernie's Inc. has your back.

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