Ernie's Inc.: Your Trusted Partner for Top-Notch RV and Trailer Services in Olympia, Washington

At Ernie's in Olympia, we're your go-to experts for Trailer Maintenance, RV Repair, and Trailer Repair. Our dedicated team of technicians, equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology, is committed to providing you with high-quality RV repair and trailer repair. Transparency, honesty, and customer satisfaction are not just words for us; they're the pillars of our service.

Trailer Maintenance: Keeping Your Adventures Rolling

When you are on an adventure with your family, trailer maintenance can be critical. Trusting Ernie's for Trailer Maintenance and RV repair means peace of mind for every road trip. When you come in for trailer maintenance, here’s a list of the major items we inspect and then repair when we find wear, tear, and other potential damage:

  • Tires
  • Lights
  • Breakaway switch
  • Breakaway battery
  • Trailer hub, bearing, and brakes
  • Lug nuts (wheel bolts)
  • Wheels
  • Seals
  • Springs
  • Suspension
  • Annual appliance maintenance
  • Safety check

At Ernie’s Inc. in Olympia, we don't just identify issues; we fix them promptly, ensuring you hit the road confidently. When you choose Ernie's for your trailer maintenance, you choose quality service backed by experience and a genuine passion for helping you enjoy your RV or trailer to the fullest.

Why Ernie's RV? A Unique Approach to Service

What sets Ernie's apart? It's not just our expertise; it's our story. Founded on transparency and a commitment to excellence, Ernie's is more than an RV repair facility – it's a family. Our team takes pride in providing exceptional service, as highlighted by our owner, Ernie Skillingstad:

"At Ernie's, we take pride in being family-owned and family-operated. We treat our staff like family and we treat our customers like family, too. We want to see you safe on the road enjoying your investment." -- Ernie Skillingstad, Owner of Ernie’s Inc. 

At Ernie's, every service is infused with a commitment to virtue. We believe in doing things differently, from providing personalized quotes to delivering on promises. Our unique approach to service connects with the heart of your RV or trailer, ensuring you receive unparalleled care. Trust us for expert RV repair and trailer maintenance services today!

Your Journey Begins with Us

Your trailer maintenance is crucial to your safety. Don’t forget to make an appointment before you head out on the open road! Ready to experience the Ernie's difference? Contact us today for motorhome maintenance. We are conveniently located at 2600 21st Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98512. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. See you soon!

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