Premier Tent Trailer Repairs at Ernie's in Olympia

If you're hunting for top-notch tent trailer repairs in the Olympia area, look no further than Ernie's. Our expert team boasts extensive RV and trailer repair training, collectively investing over 250 hours yearly to ensure unparalleled service for our valued customers. At Ernie's, we take pride in positively impacting the lives of those we serve.

Dedicated Expertise for Tent Trailers

Tent trailers and traveling pop-up tents offer a convenient and towable camping solution, adding comfort beyond traditional ground tents. However, the increased complexity of tent trailers means that periodic service and repairs are inevitable. Ernie's, founded to provide the best service, is your go-to destination for tent trailer maintenance and repair. We can support your trailer with the following:

  • Flooring and Interior Repairs: Fixing any damage to the flooring, such as tears or water damage, to maintain a comfortable and dry interior. Repairing or replacing interior components, including cabinets, beds, and seating areas.
  • Electrical System Issues: Addressing problems with interior and exterior lighting, as well as electrical outlets and connections. Repairing or replacing the camper's power converter or battery if electrical issues arise.
  • Appliance Repairs: Fixing issues with built-in appliances, such as stoves, refrigerators, or heaters. Checking and repairing the propane system for safe and efficient operation.
  • Frame and Structural Repairs: Welding or reinforcing the trailer frame to address any cracks or damage. Repairing or replacing components of the trailer's suspension system, including axles and springs.
  • Window and Vent Repairs: Replacing or repairing windows and vents to prevent leaks and maintain proper ventilation. Ensuring that screens are intact and functional to keep insects out.
  • Hitch and Towing Components: Inspecting and repairing the hitch mechanism to ensure secure towing. Checking and lubricating moving parts in the towing system, such as couplers and safety chains.

Beyond repairs, we're your RV education hub. We've got you covered, from product training to teaching you how to optimize your RV experience.

We Are Your Tent Trailer Go-To In Olympia

At Ernie's in Olympia, we approach tent trailer and RV service with kindness, dedication, and unwavering integrity. We understand the unique challenges posed by different repairs and take pride in turning those challenges into opportunities to showcase our skills. Whether it's a minor weld repair or a comprehensive RV air conditioning system installation, Ernie's is your trusted solution. Our satisfied customers echo the commitment to excellence at Ernie's. Jay S. shares his positive experience:

”Every call is answered quickly and they are knowledgeable. We were able to make an appointment easily and the work was done in a timely manner at an honest price. They called when it was done. THANKS Ernie and company!!!” - Jay S.

Ernie's excels in repairs and offers top-notch tent trailers and a range of accessories to enhance your camping experience. Our dedication to quality extends to every aspect of RV and trailer services.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Ernie's is your trusted choice when seeking a reliable tent trailer repair center. Contact us today to schedule your tent trailer repair or any other RV/trailer service needs. Visit us at 2600 21st Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98512. We eagerly await the opportunity to assist you on your camping adventures!

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