Road Performance Assessments in Olympia, WA

Have you done a Road Performance Assessment, or an RPA, on your RV yet? If you have not done an RPA or don't know what that is, come to Ernie's Inc. in Olympia for a Road Performance Assessment for your RV or trailer. Our RV repair team is certified in RPAs, and this assessment will help your motorhome drive more safely.

RPA is Important For Your Safety

An RPA is when we do a test drive in your RV and note any swaying, porpoising, or instability that would affect your recreational vehicle's driveability. The last thing you need when driving down the road in your RV is to lose control of it. That is why a Road Performance Assessment is critical to your safety, passengers, RV, and anyone around you while driving. When we do this test drive, we do it with you to discuss your concerns and anything else we observe.

Ernie's Inc. is a leading RV repair center in Olympia, Washington. Our trailer repair team has expertise in recreational vehicles such as various motor homes, campers, trailers, horse trailers, boat trailers, utility trailers, flatbeds, and anything else that gets towed.

If you have ever seen a tow vehicle pulling a trailer and that trailer is wagging like a dog tail down the road, you may have been a little worried. That swaying, porpoising, or wagging is a sign that instability and the risk of an accident are high. With the right distribution hitch, sway bar, or another aftermarket part that helps improve driveability, Ernie's enables you to lower the risk of an accident.

Our Skilled Technicians Are Here To Help

Ernie's Inc. in Olympia is a certified distributor of SuperSteer Parts and other aftermarket upgrade equipment that allows your RV to pass an RPA or Road Performance Assessment with flying colors. Your safety is our priority. If you plan on driving your RV anytime soon, we strongly recommend bringing your RV or trailer to Ernie’s RV repair team for a thorough RPA / Road Performance Assessment for peace of mind. Additionally, if you are new to the RV lifestyle and would like to learn how to drive your vehicle, let us know.  See what our owner Ernie has to say about our services:

"Understanding the value of moments, we go the extra mile to craft an experience RV owners truly appreciate." - Ernie S., Owner of Ernie’s Inc.

We would love to craft a positive RPA experience for you. Schedule an appointment with Ernie’s Inc. today!

Schedule an Appointment at Ernie’s Inc. in Olympia!

If you are curious about what a repair facility specializing in recreational vehicles looks like, we invite you to our new location. Our team of trained technicians is here to help with your RPA, as well as trailer and RV repairs. Ernie's Inc. is at 2600 21st Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98512. Schedule an online appointment and allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy our customer experience. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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