Why We Give Thanks this Year for our RVs/Trailers

Now that we are officially in the holiday season, this is the time of year we like to reflect on all the things we are thankful for. You see, this business of ours is a true passion. We have been longtime fans of Recreational Vehicles. We love the freedom that RVs and trailers provide us when we want to go exploring.

In this month’s blog, we want to show five reasons why we give thanks this year for our RVs and Trailers.

Affordable travel options.
We have a large family, and as it continues to grow, we are super grateful for our RVs and trailers. Have you seen the cost of airline tickets lately? For the same amount of money it takes to fly two people to a destination, we can load up the whole family and go on an adventure. Trailers and motorhomes certainly offer affordable travel options, and for that, we are grateful.

Quality time with family.
Speaking of family, we love spending quality time with them. If we were to plan a vacation that included flights, hotels, rental cars, and so on, we could be caught up in the hustle and bustle of missed flights, long lines, and check-out times. With our recreational vehicles and trailers, we all travel together, sleep together, eat together, and recreate together. The stress of traveling via motorhome is a lot less, and we can even stop to smell the roses.

Control over our own destiny.
And speaking of smelling the roses, we love that we have the option to drive down the road in our RV, see a vista point, and have the option to pull over to enjoy the view. If we want to stay in the campground a little longer, we have that option. If we aren’t enjoying our location as much as we had hoped, we can leave whenever we want. If we want to speed up our journey or slow down, we can. We love having control over our own destiny, and we are thankful we can do so.

Home away from home.
Remember when in the 1990s, “living in a van down by the river” was a sign that you were down and out? In today’s world, living in a “tiny home” (aka converted van, motorhome, or trailer) is “living the good life”. It’s interesting how perspective changes when housing costs are through the roof! One of our favorite things about traveling via RV or trailer is that it’s our home away from home. We have all the creature comforts and supplies we need as we travel. We don’t need to worry about going without, because our 5th-wheel has a refrigerator, a kitchen, comfy seating, a shower, and cozy bedding. The only reason we return home is because we have to get back to work. :-)

Our RV and trailer owner community.
The one thing we are most thankful for, however, is our community of RV and trailer owners. Seriously, this is a wonderful group of people that we are delighted to know. They come from all walks of life, all age groups, and hail from different parts of the world. Every single person in our extended RV and trailer community has a story and wisdom to share. When one of us needs help, the community is there to uplift and support. When one of us celebrates, we all celebrate. When one of us is sick, we all lend a hand. Our community is our family, and without them, our road-trip adventures would not be as fun, nor as safe. We love our community of RV and trailer owners, and we are deeply thankful for their presence.

We’re curious what you are thankful for. Did we leave anything out that you would have included? If there is something we haven’t mentioned in this month’s blog, please be sure to share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.

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