New Year New RV Goals

We are used to making New Year’s resolutions for ourselves that usually have to do with self-improvement. While utilizing our RV helps with that, it’s not always obvious that it does. 
That’s why we’ve compiled this list of ways that your RV can help make your 2020 an even better place to be. 

Take more trips: We can always come up with excuses not to go, but once we get out there, there’s nothing better than getting away. Look for reasons to go instead of the opposite. Keep your RV in good working condition so you’re always ready to go. You don’t have to plan out every trip, instead, throw in some spontaneous trips too. 

Explore new places: As creatures of habit, we tend to go back to places we’ve been before. This year make an effort to go places that you’ve never been to. It stretches your comfort zone and adds to the list of wonderful places you’ve visited. 

Get off the beaten path - get off the grid: Don’t always go to places that are easy to get to. Be more adventurous. Be willing to go off-grid and truly leave the world behind. You’ll be surprised at how refreshing that can be not to mention invigorating. There’s nothing like breaking the ties that bind us to the rat race. 

Meet new people at campgrounds: Expand your horizons and make new friends. Be willing to invite others over to your campfire or start up conversations with others around the campground. It’s fun to make new friends and you already know that you have at least one thing in common. 

Show your RV some love: Perform regular preventive maintenance, but also make her pretty. Clean her on the inside as well as outside. Wash, wax, vacuum, etc. Organize her in new ways and maybe even invest in some accouterments that help with that exercise. 

Stargaze: Look for places to pull your RV up to that are far enough away from a city’s haze. There’s nothing quite like looking up to a star-filled sky that helps to ground you and fill you with wonder and peace. 

Now that you’re motivated to meet these New Year’s resolutions, make sure to stop by Ernie’s Inc. Not only do we service and repair RVs, we help with all kinds of things from bike racks to ball mounts, storage systems to brush guards and most things in between. Our job is to help you find your fun and meet these 2020 resolutions. You can find us at, 911 Kaiser Rd SW Building E Olympia, WA. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Happy New Year and see you soon!

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