Gearing Up for the Summer: RV/Trailer Tips and Tricks

May is finally here! Though we’ve been keeping ourselves busy through the Winterand Spring, there’s nothing like traveling in the Summer. Kids and grandkids are out of school, camping spots are opening up, and the RV community is gearing up for those unforgettable memories you can only make during the Summer.

Here at Ernie’s Inc., we want to be your one-stop shop for RV repair and education. We’ve seen a lot here–with thousands of customers from across the nation visiting us for their repair needs; we have the unique advantage of knowing there is no such thing as a “stupid question”. We’re all beginners at RV-ing and camping at one point, and we’ve so enjoyed watching novice campers become experts and even masters in this trade.


Whether you’ve just bought your big rig or are looking for new tips or tricks, this blog will take you through some of the most important things you need to know before heading out on your summer vacation. We’ll review a pre-trip checklist, RV hacks for extended vacations, top spots to visit near our shop, and a maintenance list. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Your Pre-Trip Checklist

Planning the vacation is the second most fun part of RV-ing (the actual vacation is, of course, the very best part). Doing the pre-trip checklist can feel like a chore. When our friends and family reach out to ask how we prepare, we give them the following tips:

  • First and foremost, get your RV inspected. You can’t plan a vacation around RV-ing if your RV isn’t in the right condition to shuttle you around. Everything else can wait until you know you’ll take your rig on the road! We talk about this more down below. 
  • Check for signs of Winter and Spring. If you park your RV for the Winter, check the cabin for signs of wear and tear caused by weather or critters. Evict any furry friends who took up residence.
  • Plan your route down to the gas station. RVing is unique from car camping and regular camping. You need to ensure that the places you’re camping have the right hookups and that you can get your RV (depending on the size) into the gas station. Nothing is more stressful than being a first-timer, needing gas, and seeing that you’re unprepared to maneuver your vehicle into a spot. 
  • Take an inventory of your camping gear. Ensure that all your gear has batteries, works, and will satisfy your needs during your trip. This is essential before budgeting out your trip, as this can add up quickly!
  • Replenish your first-aid kit. Don’t open your first aid kit on the first scraped knee occurrence and say, “Oh no, I forgot to get more bandaids!”. Make sure to check this before you begin your trip. 
  • Make an emergency kit. Do you have water, extra food, and needed supplies in an emergency? You can’t leave without this, so it’s important to budget it for your trip! 
  • Read reviews. The RV community is strong, and we look out for one another. If you have questions about a particular camp set-up or how RV-friendly a certain area is, just look it up or check YouTube.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but it’s a start!

RV Hacks For Extended Summer Vacations

If you’re going out for more than a weekend, you must prepare differently. I always recommend planning an extended summer vacation the same way you’d plan to go to a cabin in the woods without electricity, water, or food. Even though your RV can take you into town, set-up and tear-down might get tiring after a while!  


A few hacks we love are:

  • Make the site cozy. If you plan on staying parked for a while, why not cozy things up? Use a roll-up rug to make a patio and hang lights to make those nights watching the stars more well-lit.
  • Make friends with the campsite host or ranger. They will have the answer to most of your questions, and their knowledge is invaluable when it comes to extended stays!
  • Make sure you have access to what you need nearby. Map out things you wouldn’t expect to need but need to know ASAP if the time comes. For example, hopefully, you don’t need a vet if you have furry ones, but the nearest one may be good to know!


Have any more hacks? Visit our Facebook page and comment on our post for this article. We’d love to implement more into this article!

Maintenance to Perform Before You Head Out

Before you head out, get your vehicle maintenance by your trusted RV repair techs. If you’re in the Olympia, WA, area, Ernie’s Inc. has served thousands of customers and has glowing reviews from our community on our website. 


Maintenance that you should do before your vacation includes:

  • Tire check
  • Fluid exchanges
  • Oil change service
  • Battery check
  • Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)

We offer a complimentary Digital Vehicle Inspection at Ernie's because your safety comes first to us.

How Ernie’s Can Help

From routine maintenance to route planning and everything in between, we're here to help you make the most of your RVing experience. Please contact Ernie’s Inc. for more information on our services and how we can enhance your RVing experience. We're here to make your RVing journey memorable and easy, so make your appointment online today. Safe travels!


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