Monthly Archives: May 2020

Pre-Trip Checklist

It's the beginning of the season, you have all your trips planned to the T. The days you have off, where you want to go, the route you want to take, the meals, and all the activities. The day of every trip is always the most stressful, last minute packing and all the little loose ends to tie up. You go to leave and Bam! You forgot something.   Pre Trip Checklists are always a good thing to have when you're just starting out and even for a seasoned professional. Forgetting to hook up your lights, the safety pin, if your RV was plugged into an outlet, it has all happened before and hopefully never again. Sometimes you catch it, and other times it is a costly repair bill. Here is a generalized pre trip checklist that is a good guideline to follow.    Safety items: Start with whatever you're hooking up to, for example a SUV to a trailer or an Rv to a tow car. Look at all your safety items and make sure they are connected and secure. Safety chains. These sho ... read more

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