Rhino Linings Eco Coat

EcoCoat RV RoofRhino Linings EcoCoat™ is a spray applied 100% solids polyurea that is applied to your vehicle’s roof after the existing and failing rubber roof of the vehicle is stripped down to the existing plywood roof. If there are any seams and large gaps in the RV roof they are then filled, while any previous adhesives on the wood are removed and sanded down. After all of the wood, and various surfaces are properly sanded and prepped, and masked, the entire area is primed with special primers, and then sprayed with EcoCoat™. The new monolithic polyurea coating forms a tight seal around all the protrusions, gaps and bolts preventing water leakage, and UV sunlight degradation while giving a desirable silver aluminum like finish.The Rhino Linings RV roof restoration coating dries to the touch in seconds and requires few resources.

EcoCoat RV Roof Close UpAfter a few years of an RV’s exposure to sunlight and the elements, many owners reported leaks and internal damage to their insurance companies. With the traditional repair materials like Dicor® rubber or sheet plastics require renewed UV protection every two years and they generally fail or they have an undesirable appearance within eight years. Rhino EcoCoat cost significantly less than replacing the previous rubber roof or replacing the vehicle roof every few years. Best of all, the Rhino EcoCoat™, even though it is an aromatic polyurea and it will undergo a slight gloss change when exposed to UV light, it will not chalk, crack or degrade with normal service. The RV roof restoration system also offers a lifetime of superior impact and crack resistance.