Bike Racks by Vehicle

It does not matter what type of vehicle you have, you can take your bicycle with you wherever you go! From Motorhomes to coupes without a hitch, there are options available to get your two-wheels to your destination while saving your cargo space for luggage.

Consider the vehicle attributes below to identify your options.

Vehicles without a hitch:

Trunk Bike Racks

Trunk mount bike racks employ padded hooks that latch to your trunk or rear cargo door. They fit just about any car (including hatchbacks), van or SUV. They fasten to rear decks via a system of straps and paint-friendly hooks. Trunk Bike Rack

Vehicle has crossbars or siderails on the roof:

Roof Bike Racks

A mount on your roof keeps the bikes out of sight and out of the way, ensuring access to your trunk and your hitch if you are towing another outdoor toy.  Depending on the bars on your roof different racks are available.

Fork Mount Roof Bike Racks – the bicycle is secured to the carrier by removing the front wheel and anchoring it at the fork for superior stability. Fork Roof Bike Rack

Frame Mount Roof Bike Racks – the bicycle is secured at the frame, without removing the front wheel. Frame Roof Bike Rack

Wheel Mount Roof Bike Racks – the bicycle is secured at the front wheel to avoid making contact with its frame.

Vehicle has a spare tire on the back:

Spare Tire Bike Racks

Making great use of otherwise dead space on the back of your truck or SUV, spare tire bike racks bolt securely through your spare’s wheel for holding a pair of bikes. Your hitch remains unobstructed for towing more fun. And, they mount securely to the wheel of your spare with a steel backing plate. Spare Tire Bike Rack

Vehicle has a hitch:

Hitch Bike Racks

Ideal for any vehicle with a standard size trailer hitch receiver, hitch mount bike racks mount securely for convenient carrying of bikes. A few bike racks fit right onto a standard trailer ball adapter, however models are available that mount around the receiver leave your hitch open for towing. It is important to note that Class I hitches often do not work with hitch racks as the tongues of Class I hitches cannot support heavy loads.

Hanging Hitch Bike Racks – rise vertically from your hitch attaching to your bicycle holding it perpendicular to the ground with rubber or Velcro straps. Hanging Hitch Bike Rack

Platform Hitch Bike Racks – the bike tires sit in a tray and are held in place with a hooked arm over the frame or front tire. Platform Hitch Bike Rike

Vehicle is an RV or motorhome:

RV & Motorhome Bike Racks

RV Bumper Bike Racks – These racks attach to the steel bumper of your RV and can come in various rack styles such as platform or dual arm-bar. RV Bumper Bike Rack

RV Ladder Bike Racks – attached to the ladder of the RV, the bicycles can be secured vertically on to it. RV Ladder Bike Rack