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Tow and Stow Receiver Hitch

Product details: B&W Tow & Stow the only hitch you will ever need. Multiple ball sizes eliminate the need for multiple ball mounts. This trailer hitch stows under the vehicle when not in use. View Tow & Stow Model Chart Fits any standard 2″ or 2.5″ receiver Easily locked into the receiver tube to prevent theft Height adjusts in 1″ ... Read More »

Rhino Linings Eco Coat

Rhino Linings EcoCoat™ is a spray applied 100% solids polyurea that is applied to your vehicle’s roof after the existing and failing rubber roof of the vehicle is stripped down to the existing plywood roof. If there are any seams and large gaps in the RV roof they are then filled, while any previous adhesives on the wood are removed ... Read More »

Roadmaster InvisiBrake System

RoadMaster InvisiBrake InvisiBrake is a fully-automatic supplemental braking system that uses the electrical connections already in place on your towed vehicle (the towed vehicle’s electrical harness) to brake when you brake the motorhome — the same electrical signal that activates the towed vehicle’s brake lights also activates InvisiBrake. There’s nothing to take in and out of your towed vehicle and ... Read More »

Ten Tips for RV Safety

1. Essential Propane Tank Know-How From refueling to inspecting the exhaust system, propane tank operation and maintenance is a big job. And although propane tanks are deemed safe for RV travel, there are some key tips to help ensure an enjoyable ride: No matter how big a home-town fan you are, never paint your tank a dark color, which more ... Read More »

Trailer Safety Check

WE OFFER SAFETY CHECKS FOR ALL TRAILERS AND VEHICLES We have trained specialist on site for your safety check and proper towing needs. PRE-DEPARTURE SAFETY CHECKLIST Before driving, make sure your vehicle maintenance and trailer maintenance are current. This is very important because towing puts additional stress on the tow vehicle. Check and correct tire pressure on the tow vehicle ... Read More »

Safety Tips for Driving with a Trailer

SAFETY TIPS Take time to practice before driving on main roads and never allow anyone to ride in or on the trailer. Before you leave, remember to check routes and restrictions on bridges and tunnels. Consider the following safety tips each time you drive with a trailer. General Handling Use the driving gear that the manufacturer recommends for towing. Drive ... Read More »